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At  Country Muffler, we can repair or replace your original equipment exhaust parts as needed. We have all the specialty tools needed for tough jobs.  Our hoist is large enough to accommodate trucks, vans, and small RV's, some of which require custom exhaust.  There is nothing we can not build for your vehicle.  We only use heavy gauge aluminized tubing for longer life and to prevent rust build-up which damages pipes.  Our large inventory on hand helps us to accommodate your needs and get you back on the road.  Give us a call or stop in and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.                    



Exhaust Manifold:  The exhaust manifold is a network of passages that acts like a funnel, collecting exhaust gases from all cylinders and releasing it through a single opening toward the pipes, catalysts and mufflers of the exhaust system.  Some engines have two manifolds.


Exhaust Pipes:  Exhaust pipes connect all the other parts of the exhaust system and are designed specifically for each car model with bends and turns to properly route exhaust to the back of the car.


Muffler:  The muffler is a metal container with holes, baffles, and chambers that muffles the noise that comes from your vehicle's engine.  Some mufflers use baffled chambers to reduce noise.  As sound waves move through this type of muffler, they bounce off the baffles, losing force and volume.  Other types of mufflers force the exhaust through a perforated pipe that contains metal, fiberglass, or some other kind of sound-absorbing material.  This type of muffler is designed to reduce back pressure and makes a little more noise, which can be  desirable in some instances.


Resonator:  Many exhaust systems also include a resonator which is like a small muffler.  They look like a straight pipe which is filled with sound muffling material that works with the muffler to reduce noise and can be either before or after the muffler in the exhaust system.


Catalytic Converter:  The catalytic converter is designed to reduce the amount of harmful emissions from exhaust products, by transforming pollutants into water vapor and less harmful gases.  It uses a combination of heat and metals that act as catalysts.  A catalyst is a metal (or chemical) that causes other chemicals to go through a reaction without being affected itself.  The inside structure of the catalytic converter looks like a ceramic honeycomb which consists of metals like aluminum oxide, platinum, and palladium.  These metals cause the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to react and produce water vapor and carbon dioxide which are much less harmful to the atmosphere.

Tail Pipe:  The tailpipe comes out of the muffler and is usually found going out of the back of the car.  The tailpipe is designed to direct exhaust gases away from the vehicle.  On many newer cars it also serves as a decorative function and is sometimes tipped in chrome.